Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen (Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.) 4/5

I have a special treat tonight. This beer is ranked #7 in the world among hefeweizens on I’d been looking for it for well over a year. Even stores with normally great beer selection like Whole Foods haven’t carried it. I found it at a Plaid Pantry of all places! (For those who don’t live in my area, Plaid Pantry is a convenience store chain local to Salem, Portland, and Seattle. It’s similar to 7-Eleven, except instead of Indians behind the counter, you’ll find eccentric white people.)

Anyway, as expected, the beer is tremendously good. In my mind, I’m comparing it to Franziskaner’s hefeweizen. Like that beer, this one is utterly true to the style: cloudy, dark yellow appearance; a sweet banana aroma (and I get some “rubbery” and musky aromas too); well-carbonated; and a banana bread taste with just a slight, crisp hop bite that leaves quickly. Technically, this is a summer beer, but, like a boss, I’m drinking it when it’s 33 degrees outside in my city.

Update 24 May 2011: changing this to 4 stars instead of 5 stars. While this beer is the epitome of the style, this blog’s also my personal feelings on these beers. And lately, as I mentioned in a more recent post, I am avoiding beers with heavy carbonation.

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