Titan IPA (Great Divide Brewing Company) 3/5

A delicately sweet tangerine smell, a cloudy peach color, and an aftertaste somewhere between orange and grapefruit — this is one fruity beer! Great Divide claims it finishes with “rich, malty sweetness,” but I don’t buy it. The hops overwhelm, though there is a faint sweetness detectable. That the powerful hops hide 7.1% ABV is convenient. Yet, I don’t agree that this is an “A”-level beer (as BeerAdvocate would have you believe). Naturally, I’m biased: I’m not obsessed with American IPAs like many beer connoisseurs. I believe there’s more to life than bombing the palate with hops. But don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad beer, by any means. I’ll have a few tonight.

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